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Dentistry has advanced drastically in recent years. Traditional x-rays and photography methods have gone digital, making for more seamless processes and dental records. Dr. Wright and our team are dedicated to continuing education, always learning new treatments and investing in new technologies to allow for faster, more comfortable treatments with the most accurate results possible.

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What About Anxious Patients?

Smithson Valley Family Dentistry welcomes the challenge of working with you to calm those fears! Our laid-back office atmosphere is an essential component of patient relaxation, and technology’s advances just help us seal the deal. We take every measure we can to raise your comfort level in the dental chair – from fast and easy digital x-rays, to intraoral cameras that show you what we are seeing, to painless injections that take the pain and dread away, to air abrasion that eliminates the sound and vibration of the drill. If you need a little extra help relaxing, we also offer sedation dentistry to help you get the care you need, comfortably.

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a breath of fresh air for our patients with dental anxiety – especially those who fear the drill. Air abrasion eliminates the need for the drill in many cases, with the ability to clean and prepare teeth in a way that is minimally invasive and comfortable. Air abrasion uses a small but powerful stream of air and fine particles, sort of like a tiny sandblaster for your teeth. Air abrasion can help us remove areas of decay while leaving healthy tooth structure intact, and leaving your sanity intact as well without the need to use the drill.

Digital X-rays

As technology has improved, traditional x-rays have gone digital. Digital x-rays are significantly safer – they produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays did – and they are more detailed and accurate, so small issues can be detected long before they become big problems. Digital x-rays can also be taken quickly and easily right from the dental chair in a matter of seconds – so there’s less chance for movement and human error – and they can be pulled up on the screen almost immediately for the doctor, staff and patients to view together!

Intraoral Cameras

When the first intraoral cameras were developed sometime in the late 1980s, dentists and hygienists still relied on their own eyesight with some help from a little mirror to see into your mouth and peer around toothy corners – so intraoral cameras have made a huge impact on dentistry. Intraoral cameras today allow real-time, high-resolution images that can be magnified to detect problems much sooner. Intraoral cameras also allow you to see what we see – on the same screen, at the same time – so you can ask questions and get answers right away.

Painless Injections

The injection is often the worst part of any dental treatment, especially for those who hate needles. That’s why we’ve invested in painless VibraJect® injection technology that takes the fear and the prick out of any dental treatment. VibraJect uses tiny pulsing vibrations and light pressure to stimulate the thicker, more insulated nerve tissues, while the needle prick travels on thinner nerve tissues and arrives too late for the brain to register the sensation. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist, you should come see us at Smithson Valley Family Dentistry for a pain-free dental experience.

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